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What role does the Ice Hockey Cage play?

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The straight aluminum bars of the Ice Hockey Cage are designed to provide maximum visibility, and a built-in multi-density foam chin shell that provides a high level of comfort as well as water management and protection.

  • What role does the Ice Hockey Cage play?

  • What is the advantage of the Ice Hockey Cage?

  • What is the use value of Ice Hockey Cage?

What role does the Ice Hockey Cage play?

The face protection for ice hockey players typically consists of full metal Ice Hockey Cage goggles and combinations of goggles and half net. The full metal grille provides the highest protection for the spherical face and is connected to the top of the helmet, the sides can be locked with the helmet, and on the bottom inside there are adjustable pads that can be combined with those of the player chin, so that the player's head receives 360-degree protection. that, on the one hand, the visibility of the player is impaired and, on the other hand, the weight, which affects the movement of the head to a certain extent and increases the pressure on the neck. In addition, the manufacturer provides only a few sizes for teenagers and children, especially children's players often come into the situation that the net is too large and the bottom of the oversized net can damage the player's neck and collarbone autumn. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the position of the chin pad under the guidance of professionals and to wear neck protectors for teenagers and children if possible.

What is the advantage of the Ice Hockey Cage?

Combined with an impact-resistant polycarbonate half-face visor and cage, this full-face protector is designed to provide complete face protection while providing you with a clear and wide view of the screen. It is especially friendly to children and female players.

With the visor's inner anti-fog and outer scratch resistant coating, this face guard protects a player well on the rink without compromising visibility.

The floating chin shell ensures a secure and correct fit while offering you a high level of comfort.

Compatible with most hockey helmets on the market.

One size fits most

Mounting material included.

What is the use value of Ice Hockey Cage?

The clothing of ice hockey players includes helmets, Ice Hockey Cages, ice hockey shoes, ice hockey knives, protective equipment including elbow pads, chest protectors, knee pads, leg protectors and ice hockey uniforms, ice hockey shorts, as the protective equipment is more and thicker, so the clothing is very large and very large fat, it is convenient to play and swing the game. The game of ice hockey is fierce and exciting, with great danger and many collisions. The probability of players getting hurt is high, so the protective equipment is very complete to ensure players' safety.

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