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ZHUHAI GY SPORTS CO.,LTD Since 2009, GY has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of ice hockey helmets, ice hockey visors, goalie masks, football visors, football mouth guard, floorball helmets, water sports helmets, longboard helmets, flying helmets, skydiving helmets, ski helmets, skating helmets, equestrian helmets, MX goggles, ski/snow goggles, motorcycle helmet visors and various accessories. The sporting goods produced by the company, with its excellent quality, fashionable appearance and competitive price, are well accepted by customers. Over the years, GY has established long-term business relationships with more than 200 clients in over 20 countries around the world. The products sell to Russia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA and Canada. GY has attended fairs such as China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), ISPO Munich, Sports Tech Asia, and enjoys a high reputation among many trading partners and customers. The customers are very satisfied with the company's products.
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The company's business objective is to win the trust of every customer by excellent quality, fashionable style, reasonable price, warm and thoughtful service, and finally to seek common development on a "Win-Win" basis.
Let the world move, be healthy and happy. Let thousands of customers be proud of having GY helmets and GY visors. Making sports safer and more enjoyable.

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Zhuhai GY Sports Co.,Ltd

ZHUHAI GY SPORTS CO.,LTD Since 2009, GY has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of ice hockey helmets, ice hockey visors, goalie masks, football visors, football mouth guard and sports helmets.

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Articles 2022/02/06
What is the meaning of American Football Visor?

Anyone who has watched an American football game knows that there are dozens of rules to follow. Organized football at all levels has rules about the types of goggles that can be attached to a player's helmet. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate American Football Visor for use.

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Articles 2022/07/27
What does the Hockey Face Shield do?

Hockey players wear the Hockey Face Shield to protect the face from injury during intense confrontation.

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Articles 2022/08/08
How can we choose the suitable Ice Hockey Cage?

Ice Hockey Cage plays an irreplaceable role in protecting ice hockey players.

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Articles 2022/08/05
What is the role of American Football Visor?

Sometimes called a shield, the Football Visor is a curved piece of plastic that protects your eyes, reduces glare and hides your opponent's potential next move.

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Articles 2022/08/02
What is the necessity of using the American Football Visor?

The American Football Visor, in football, is a curved piece of plastic that attaches to the player's mask and covers the eyes. American Football Visor offers players a range of benefits, from blocking sunlight to protecting eyes.

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Articles 2022/07/30
What is the function of the American Football Visor do you know?

American Football Visor is a professional glasses designed for athletes, its main functions are: outdoor sports, sun protection, UV protection.

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Articles 2022/07/24
What are the advantages of American Football Visor?

American Football Visor is designed to give you a clearer, clearer, more accurate vision. The rounded profile is designed to maintain clarity from all viewing angles. Our unique lens tint allows players to precisely control light transmission based on gaming conditions, while the material remains lightweight and durable for all-day comfort and protection.

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Articles 2022/07/21





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