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ZHUHAI GY SPORTS CO.,LTD Since 2009, GY has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of ice hockey helmets, ice hockey visors, goalie masks, football visors, football mouth guard, floorball helmets, water sports helmets, longboard helmets, flying helmets, skydiving helmets, ski helmets, skating helmets, equestrian helmets, MX goggles, ski/snow goggles, motorcycle helmet visors and various accessories. The sporting goods produced by the company, with its excellent quality, fashionable appearance and competitive price, are well accepted by customers. Over the years, GY has established long-term business relationships with more than 200 clients in over 20 countries around the world. The products sell to Russia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA and Canada. GY has attended fairs such as China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), ISPO Munich, Sports Tech Asia, and enjoys a high reputation among many trading partners and customers. The customers are very satisfied with the company's products.
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The company's business objective is to win the trust of every customer by excellent quality, fashionable style, reasonable price, warm and thoughtful service, and finally to seek common development on a "Win-Win" basis.
Let the world move, be healthy and happy. Let thousands of customers be proud of having GY helmets and GY visors. Making sports safer and more enjoyable.

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Introduction to American Football Back Plates

American football is a physically demanding sport that requires players to wear various protective gear to minimize the risk of injuries. One such piece of equipment is the back plate, a crucial component designed to protect the spine and lower back. In this article, we will explore the purpose and

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Articles 2023/08/07
The evolution of the Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet

In today's ice hockey arena, the pace of the game is getting faster and faster, and the top speed of ice hockey can often reach more than 100 miles per hour, so it is very important for the goalkeeper to protect himself. But for some goalkeepers with rich personalities, their Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet is not only protective equipment, but also one of the weapons to show their unique personality. Some helmets even become works of art. Of course, Rome was not built in a day, and Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet has also undergone a long period of evolution. Today, Ho sauce will introduce the evolution history of the Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet.

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Articles 2023/02/13
Introduction to Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet

Hockey protective equipment refers to the equipment of ice hockey players and referees. There are helmets, chest pads (shoulders), elbow pads, gloves, crotch pads, trouser forks, leggings, and an Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet. All players must wear an Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet, umpires and line officials may also wear helmets. It's worth noting that the Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet is the most important piece of protective gear you can buy. So, you can have shin guards that are too big or chest guards that are too small, but if your helmet doesn't fit properly, you're setting yourself up for injury at any time. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of the Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet.

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Articles 2023/02/10
How to Choose an Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet

Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet is a kind of equipment used to protect the head and face. A good helmet must have perfect protection and comfortable carrying functions, so it is necessary to choose a good helmet. To choose a good helmet, you need to choose a good Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet manufacturer. Let me talk about the manufacturer selection and price composition of the Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet.

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Articles 2023/02/06
Have you chosen the right Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet?

The Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet is an essential piece of equipment when playing ice hockey. In ice hockey, being hit on the head may pose a fatal risk. For ice hockey players, especially teenagers playing ice hockey, it is very necessary to choose the right Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet.

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Articles 2023/02/03
Choose the right size Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet

Ice hockey is a sport with high speed, strong body confrontation, and certain danger, so the protection of players' heads is very important. The head protection equipment mainly consists of three parts: An Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet, net, goggles, and mouthguard. Next, let's take a look at the importance of choosing the right size Ice Hockey Goalie Helmet.

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Articles 2023/01/30
What is floorball?

With the popularity of floorball, the protection of sports must also be paid attention to. Choose a Floorball Goalie Helmet that is impact-resistant and non-deformable.

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Articles 2023/01/27
Trust the quality of our floorball helmets

The Floorball Goalie Helmet is an essential piece of equipment when playing floorball. In floorball, a hit to the head is fatal. Therefore, it is very necessary for floorball goalkeepers, especially teenagers, to choose a suitable helmet.

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Articles 2023/01/23
Floorball Goalie Helmet Sizes and Important Factors Affecting Comfort

Floorball goalie gear can go a long way toward your performance. Equipment selection, dressing, and maintenance are important parts of a goalkeeper's life. Unlike other players who just need the right club and shoes, a goalie has to have more. That's why choosing the right Floorball Goalie Helmet is so important.

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Articles 2023/01/20
Floorball and floorball goalkeeper helmets

Floor hockey is very entertaining and interesting. The number of participants is large, teamwork is emphasized, and there are no restrictions on location, age, or gender. It has high security and is easy to learn. It's the new look, vibrant, full of energy, happy, and lighthearted. Its equipment costs are low, and players only need ordinary sportswear, sports shoes, and one ball and one stroke to participate in this sport. But for the goalkeeper's safety, the goalkeeper needs to wear Floorball Goalie Helmet

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Articles 2023/01/16
Benefits and importance of floorball goalkeeper helmets

Floorball goalkeepers have a lot of equipment, but always remember to put safety first. The second is comfort and convenience. Putting on the equipment must ensure that the movement is still agile. Generally speaking, the high-priced Floorball Goalie Helmet can guarantee its safety, comfort, and convenience.

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Articles 2023/01/13
Things to look out for when buying a ski helmet

With the follow-up of protective measures, the aesthetic requirements of ski helmets cannot be dropped. Today's ski helmets are condensed versions of the elements. Flags, countries, and hobbies can be found in the corners of the helmet. Helmets keep these runners safe on the field.

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Articles 2023/01/09
The Importance of the Right Ski Helmet

Compared with other sports, the equipment required for skiing is more special and more personalized, and shopping before the snow season every year will make people excited. In all ski equipment​, everything else can be put away first, but ski helmets must be bought first.

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Articles 2023/01/06
Necessity and selection criteria for ski helmets

The number one consideration when buying a ski helmet is the fit. If the helmet doesn't fit snugly against your head, the ski helmet won't protect your head if it hits your head.

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Articles 2023/01/02
Knowledge of ski helmets and the reason for wearing ski helmets

Ski helmets generally consist of a shell, body, lining, adjusters, fixtures, buckles, and google buckles, and helmets for professional events will have an iron frame to protect the chin.

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Articles 2022/12/30
Choose the right ski helmet

Beauty is important, but safety always comes first. Only when you are well equipped, equipped with ski helmets​, and responsible for yourself and your family, can you make skiing fun forever.

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Articles 2022/12/26





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