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What is the role of American Football Visor?

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Sometimes called a shield, the Football Visor is a curved piece of plastic that protects your eyes, reduces glare and hides your opponent's potential next move.

  • What are the advantages of using American Football Visor?

  • Is the use of American Football Visor allowed?

  • What are the product features of American Football Visor?

What are the advantages of using American Football Visor?

In addition to reducing glare from stadium lights and sunlight, the American Football Visor is also available in a variety of colors. Tinted protective lenses enhance depth perception, color and contrast. These features are a huge advantage on the pitch as it helps you spot and track footballs with ease. At present American Football Visor has anti-impact, UV protection, anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.

Is the use of American Football Visor allowed?

American Football Visor has been around since the 1980s, but current rules make it illegal to fully tinted goggles. During matches, players may wear dark goggles. Dark visors are illegal in college and high school.

All American Football Visors are wearable at the discretion of referees and trainers. The dark American Football Visor is now allowed primarily for concussions and injuries. However, a specific American Football Visor is justified.

What are the product features of American Football Visor?

Frame: Injection moulded with propionate, which has good heat resistance, impact resistance and anti-allergy.

Lenses: Lenses can be assembled freely according to your actual degree. PC lenses or resin lenses are recommended.

Pads: Unique, soft, elastic and anti-allergic silicone pads not only keep the frame at an appropriate distance from the face, but also can effectively resist and cushion the eye caused by external force when you are in close contact with the opponent. Impact, protect the eyes from damage. Available in a variety of colours, it gives you the personalised look of your glasses while giving you safety and security.

Mirror strap: The high-density mirror strap made of Korean technology and nylon yarn imported from Taiwan is the same as the advanced ski goggles embroidered strap, soft and elastic, not easy to fall off and no pressure, more comfortable to wear.

Mirror bag: Made of imported knitted cotton material, the inner layer is very fine suede, feels comfortable, and can be used as mirror cloth; the unique drawstring design of the pocket is convenient to carry.

Mirror bag: It is made of high-grade diving material and hot-pressed with ultra-fine craftsmanship, and it feels very good. There is an imported silk sponge interlayer inside to protect and fix the glasses.

Suitable for sports: basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, rock climbing, cross country, etc.

This series of basketball glasses is available in a variety of frame colors: clear, light brown, light gray, blue.

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