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What is the necessity of using Ice Hockey Visor?

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Ice Hockey Visor offers great protection at a great price. Almost all hockey players now have to wear face coverings before games.

  • What is the necessity of using Ice Hockey Visor?

  • How to wear Ice Hockey Visor correctly?

  • What is the lifespan of Ice Hockey Visor and Ice Hockey Cage?

What is the necessity of using Ice Hockey Visor?

Ice Hockey Visor and Combination Shields (these are hard plastic or steel full face shields that extend under the chin, with the visibility properties of a clear face shield for full face protection) of course designed to protect the eyes and face from accidental sticks and Ice hockey impact to prevent cuts and fractures. A lot of the time, sports league regulations, especially for players under the age of 18, most governing bodies will not allow you to play without some level of face protection. Hockey coaches have also stated that, from personal experience, several times a year I see players with no face protection or only face coverings open their lips, nose and eyebrows. I recommend the full Ice Hockey Visor to anyone starting to learn ice hockey as new players have less control over the puck and their clubs.

How to wear Ice Hockey Visor correctly?

For the Ice Hockey Visor, the farther it is from the face, the better. This allows airflow to prevent fogging of the mask and helps ensure the mask doesn't cut a player's cheek or nose after an inspection, fall or puck hit.

The Ice Hockey Visor should be attached to the screws, with two screws on each side of the temple to ensure it rests straight on your face. The top of the goggles should line up directly with the bottom of the helmet in front, leaving room for airflow, but no gap for the stick to pass through.

Shields and combos should fit snugly against the chin and not "hang", despite the popular style. Each helmet should have a "J clip" at the temple where the helmet or Ice Hockey Visor should slide easily. This prevents impacts from smashing the Ice Hockey Visor or combo into the player's face. While it still prevents most injuries, it can still cut the face and possibly even break the nose if not properly seated in the J-clip. If the sweat on the chin cup is a problem, drilling a small hole in the middle can help with the pooling of sweat.

What is the lifespan of Ice Hockey Visor and Ice Hockey Cage?

Ice Hockey Cage can be used for a long time as long as it doesn't start to rust. A hard-working owner who takes the helmet out of his bag after each skating and sits to dry can be safe in a cage for over 10 years. However, care should be taken to ensure that the joints are free from rust and corrosion.

Ice Hockey Visor probably shouldn't be used for more than 5 years, as the coating will wear and crack, scratches will appear, and the plastic itself will slowly weaken, just like a helmet.

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