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What is the important meaning of the Ice Hockey Visor?

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Ice Hockey Visor uses PC lenses, which are made in accordance with the standard of high-strength anti-impact PC frames. Combined with the design of cushioned nose pads and adjustable elastic bands, it can effectively avoid accidents caused by improper wearing of glasses on the field, and ensure the safety of myopic friends on the field.

  • How to solve the problem of easy fogging of Ice Hockey Visor?

  • How does the Ice Hockey Visor feel?

  • What are the precautions for using Ice Hockey Visor?

How to solve the problem of easy fogging of Ice Hockey Visor?

The problem that many Ice Hockey Visors cannot escape is that it is easy to fog after playing for a period of time. In fact, the main reason why glasses are easy to fog is that the temperature of the eyes increases, which leads to the increase of the temperature of the air close to the eyes. It is the hot air that fogs up when it hits the low-temperature lens. There are two more reliable solutions, one is to use anti-fog sprays, and the other is to use anti-fog lenses. Anti-fog sprays are short-lived and ideally suited for Ice Hockey Visor with anti-fog lenses.

How does the Ice Hockey Visor feel?

Relatively speaking, the non-slip Ice Hockey Visor will not have too much restraint and can be hung directly behind the head, which can prevent the glasses from falling off and flying to a certain extent. The main function of Ice Hockey Visor is to prevent the eye from being hit or stabbed during exercise, and it can also add myopia on the sports mirror. Ice Hockey Visor can protect the eyes and face from injury in all directions during exercise. Effectively solve all kinds of troubles caused by traditional optical frames and contact lenses.

What are the precautions for using Ice Hockey Visor?

These competitions range from track and field to shooting, from rowing to cycling, golf, to ice skating, skiing, and so on. Some basketball players even wear cool basketball goggles, and they become the center of attention as soon as they play. Focus. Among them, the use of Ice Hockey Visor is particularly common.

Wearing Ice Hockey Visor is actually to avoid sports injuries. Qualified goggles can not only prevent ultraviolet rays from burning the eyes, but also effectively filter the light that is harmful to the eyes, while maintaining brightness and a wide field of vision. The professional Ice Hockey Visor can also protect the eyes from the cold wind that occurs when moving at high speed on the ice. Whether internal or external, in most cases, choosing a suitable Ice Hockey Visor can be avoided and prevented.

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