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What is the importance of Ice Hockey Helmet?

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Ice Hockey Helmet is roughly divided into; full coverage (iron mesh, covering the entire face) and half coverage (glass, covering the eyes). Women's and youth ice hockey must wear full coverage. There are many styles of men's ice hockey, either full-coverage or half-covered.

  • What is the importance of Ice Hockey Helmet?

  • Why Choose the Right Size Ice Hockey Helmet?

  • How to choose the right size Ice Hockey Helmet?

What is the importance of Ice Hockey Helmet?

1. Two common head injuries in ice hockey are trauma and concussion. Since ice hockey players are required to wear Ice Hockey Helmet worldwide, and most countries require youth, children and non-professional adult players to wear helmets and full face protection during competition training.

2. Ice Hockey Helmet should be the right size, plus a mask and goggles. The protective cover and glasses are not harmful to the eyes. The protective cover and glasses are selected to avoid light and radiation, which is better. For the protection of the face, head trauma in modern ice hockey can basically be avoided.

3. Concussion is the biggest threat to ice hockey players, and because the formation mechanism of concussion is caused by the acceleration of the brain after the head is hit at high speed and hit the inside of the skull, so strictly speaking, any external impact on the head is caused. No protection can prevent concussions from occurring.

Why Choose the Right Size Ice Hockey Helmet?

The main purpose of the Ice Hockey Helmet is to prevent skull fractures. If it is too heavy, it will cause a certain burden on oneself and have a certain crushing force on the cervical spine, which will affect the performance.

When choosing a helmet, it is necessary to fit the head. An improperly sized helmet will not only fail to provide protection to the head, but may even cause more damage than not wearing a helmet.

How to choose the right size Ice Hockey Helmet?

You should at least buckle the Ice Hockey Helmet to the point where it won't come loose when you shake your head up and down or side to side.

The specific adjustment steps for Ice Hockey Helmet are that the player first loosens the adjustment tabs or screws on the helmet, puts the helmet on the head, and pushes the various parts of the helmet together with both hands until it is close to the head, and then let the teammates or the next to him. The person tightens the screws or snaps the tabs together to maintain ideal protection.

The Ice Hockey Helmet snaps just above or just above the eyebrows, and the player visibly feels the helmet snug against the crown, temple, neck and forehead. If you feel an obvious gap, the helmet is not suitable, change it as soon as possible!

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