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What is floorball?

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What is floorball?

With the popularity of floorball, the protection of sports must also be paid attention to. Choose a Floorball Goalie Helmet that is impact-resistant and non-deformable.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduction to the Origin and Development of Floorball

  • Why is Floorball So Popular

Introduction to the Origin and Development of Floorball

Floorball originated in 1958. A plastics factory in Minneapolis, USA produces plastic clubs (shafts and rackets). They use the Cosom brand name for marketing their clubs and other plastic products. Cosom floor hockey was later introduced in the United States and Canada. Although the series has since been held for many years in North America and Canada, it is primarily for children and teens. One of the largest championships, floor hockey championships was first played in Battle Creek, Michigan in the early 1960s.

Cosom plastic clubs were introduced to Sweden in 1968, after which various ball games and ice hockey became popular in Sweden. In the mid-1970s, influenced by basketball and ice hockey, people began to have the idea of creating a particular sport based on Cosom equipment. The world's first national floor hockey federation (SIBF) was established in Sweden in 1981. In 1983, the first official rulebook was published, making regulations for the sport's equipment, such as the Floorball Goalie Helmet. In 1985, the Swedish Field Hockey Federation (SFF) was established as a member of the Swedish National Sports Federation.

Why Floorball Is So Popular

Floorball can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, and it is an activity suitable for men, women, and children of all ages. Anyone as young as five or six years old and as old as seventy or eighty can participate in this sport. Not only that, but the biggest feature of this sport is that it can be played in mixed races. The number of players on the field can also vary. There are no restrictions on floorball. This is a ubiquitous sport, whether it is on indoor or outdoor courts, or sand, grass, or concrete. Floorball is easy to learn, and you can get started within 10 minutes of teaching. Floorball has high safety, and generally uses carbon fiber lightweight clubs and hollowed-out lightweight plastic balls. Most of the collisions are mostly generated between rods, which is different from other sports body-to-body collisions, so it has higher safety. But it should be noted that the goalkeeper will still be hit by the club or the ball during the goalkeeping process. So goalkeepers have to wear Floorball Goalie Helmet. Floorball is a more challenging, entertaining, and fun team sport. It can increase the interaction and communication of team members, thereby increasing the cohesion of the team.

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