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What are the types of Ice Hockey Visor?

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Different from other sports, due to the strong confrontation of ice hockey, players need to wear professional protective equipment. This is the first time I experienced ice hockey. This dazzling array of equipment directly made me dazzled. Helmet, Ice Hockey Visor, neck pad, chest pad, elbow pad, anti-fall pants, knee pad, leg pad, gloves, uniform uniform... special The location and crowd should also wear full face shields, mouthguards, etc.

  • What are the types of Ice Hockey Visor?

  • What is the role of Ice Hockey Visor?

  • What are the advantages of Ice Hockey Visor?

What are the types of Ice Hockey Visor?

The warm sun in winter makes people feel warmer in the icy world. However, the reflected sunlight from the snow can easily stimulate the eyes. The ultraviolet rays in the reflected light can cause damage to the cornea and conjunctival epithelium, resulting in greatly reduced vision of athletes or even temporary blindness. This is also commonly known as "snow blindness". Therefore, the Ice Hockey Visor is also an indispensable ice hockey protective equipment, and the goggles can also protect the eyes from snowflakes, cold winds, etc. The editor strongly recommends that you choose the right goggles.

According to the project type, ice and snow goggles are subdivided into alpine goggles, platform goggles, off-road goggles, free goggles, etc. According to the type of lens, ice and snow goggles are divided into cylindrical lens, spherical lens and toric lens.

What is the role of Ice Hockey Visor?

When participating in ice and snow sports outdoors, the ice surface will reflect a large amount of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. If you do not carry out ultraviolet protection and use Ice Hockey Visor, it will cause acute damage to the corneal epithelium, called electro-optic ophthalmia, which is characterized by severe pain, photophobia, Symptoms such as tearing.

The media that will also reflect a lot of ultraviolet rays are the sea, desert, asphalt road, etc., so athletes in water sports, desert cross-country, road cycling and other events will also wear ultraviolet protective glasses.

What are the advantages of Ice Hockey Visor?

1. The Ice Hockey Visor provides primary protection against sticks, skates and pucks hitting the player's face.

2. Ice Hockey Visor Comfortable and Breathable – The Ice Hockey Visor allows air to circulate, keeping players’ heads cool and comfortable for most skaters.

3. Ice Hockey Visor Allows Optimum Sight - The Ice Hockey Visor provides the skater with the best view of the ice with limited blind spots.

4. Ice Hockey Visor is made of hard-wearing absolutely clear plexiglass. The improved curved design is ideal for many players as it eliminates distortion of the surrounding view for high visibility and high quality performance

5. Ice Hockey Visor uses the latest injection molding technology to ensure the optical quality when making the protective cover. Perfectly injected optically perfect form ensures perfect optical purity.

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