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What are the advantages of Ice Hockey Helmet?

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Ice Hockey Helmet plastic clear goggles located on the player's eye can be very good to prevent the player's eyes from being hurt by the club or the ball. At the same time, the fully transparent goggles also provide players with a very good field of vision, which is the player's favorite.

  • What is the development trend of Ice Hockey Helmet?

  • Why do we need to notice the safty of the Ice Hockey Helmet?

  • What are the advantages of Ice Hockey Helmet?

What is the development trend of Ice Hockey Helmet?

As more goalkeepers began to pay attention to their own protection, and the popularity of player helmets caused by player accidents since then. In the 1970s, there was a wave of goalkeeper helmet evolution. The Bruins goalkeeper Scheffos asked for more stitches to be added to the mask to thicken the protection after being hit in the face again and again. Canadian goalkeeper Delei Deng cut the fiberglass into a prototype similar to the current cage helmet. The legendary center Esposito also made improvements to the helmet, making improvements from the top of the eyes to the back of the head, so that the helmet pays more attention to the back and top of the head. protection. This evolution finally shaped the shape of today's goalkeeper helmet.

Why do we need to notice the safty of the Ice Hockey Helmet?

With the follow-up of protective measures, the aesthetic requirements of Ice Hockey Helmet cannot be left behind. The Ice Hockey Helmet of today's goalkeepers is the condensed version of their personal elements, compared to the shocking masks that many goalkeepers chose earlier. Including the player's number, team logo, country, hobbies, family members, animals or team mascots can be found in the corners of the helmet. Helmets allow these contestants to be safe on the field, and at the same time they are a personal symbol, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

What are the advantages of Ice Hockey Helmet?

The Ice Hockey Helmet's full face mask is constructed with a high-quality polycarbonate shield and frame to withstand the toughest impacts of the game of hockey. It provides extra protection for players, especially against children and female players. Ice Hockey Helmet With internal anti-fog and external anti-scratch coating, this full face mask provides excellent protection for athletes on the rink without sacrificing visibility, an extended visual area to give you a clear and wide field of vision .

The Ice Hockey Helmet's vents are designed to improve air flow, and the floating chin cup ensures a secure and proper fit for the player and maintains a high level of comfort.

The Ice Hockey Helmet's CE certification is compatible with most hockey helmets on the market.

Includes mounting hardware.

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