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How much do you know about Ice Hockey Helmet?

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Ice Hockey Helmet is an essential piece of equipment when playing ice hockey. In ice hockey, being hit in the head can be fatal, so it is very necessary for ice hockey players, especially teenagers who play ice hockey, to choose the right Ice Hockey Helmet.

  • What are the materials of Ice Hockey Helmet?

  • What are the construction and materials of Ice Hockey Helmet?

  • What are the rules for using Ice Hockey Helmet?

What are the materials of Ice Hockey Helmet?

There are basically two types of Ice Hockey Helmets: EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) and VN (Dual Density Vinyl Nitrile). EPP is harder, usually black foam. Many professional bicycle helmets are made of EPP. Due to its rigidity, helmets based on it are usually lined with softer foam, which means more foam to support the player's head. part, the fit will be tighter. This type of foam is usually only found in pricier helmets, ranging from $100 to $200.

VN helmets are less expensive and tend to be just lined with soft foam, usually tan, grey or black, that pushes and squeezes and is very malleable. Helmets with VN foam are usually priced under $100 and are not a problem for non-professional players.

What are the construction and materials of Ice Hockey Helmet?

Ice Hockey Helmet Material and Construction:

Shell: low temperature resistant, impact resistant polypropylene engineering plastic

Lining: high impact resistance, high toughness EPP polypropylene plastic

foaming material

High flexibility, comfortable and breathable PU polyurethane lining

With a uniquely designed "shark mouth" ice hockey guard

The eyepiece GY-V10000 makes the overall appearance of the helmet

Has a very strong visual impact.

Ice Hockey Helmet's lenses are made of imported high-impact PC polycarbonate material,

The surface adopts advanced inner anti-fog and outer strengthening treatment technology.

Size: S# M#L#

What are the rules for using Ice Hockey Helmet?

Ice Hockey Helmet, the rules for players of all ages are also different. Ice hockey players under the age of 18 need to have a full face shield, covering all the face; over 18 years old can wear a half face shield, covering only the eyes and nose; the helmet of players over 35 years old can be without a face shield. A hockey helmet, as you can imagine, is the most important protective gear you can buy. So your shin guards can be too big or your chest guard too small, but if your helmet isn't the right fit, you're putting yourself in a position where you could be injured at any time.

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