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How much do you know about Ice Hockey Cage?

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With the improvement of people's sports concept and sports protection concept, sports goggles are also widely welcomed. Ice Hockey Visor worn in ice hockey must have safety (PC lens), protection (selected frame, soft and flexible), comfortable (non-slip nose pad and foot cover), beautiful (match with sports and casual clothing) Four functions.

  • What are the design features of Ice Hockey Cage?

  • What are the styles of Ice Hockey Visor?

  • What material is Ice Hockey Visor made of?

What are the design features of Ice Hockey Cage?

Ice Hockey Cage cages are usually steel, but a titanium alloy option has also emerged. Titanium is stronger and lighter than steel, offering a more comfortable option as well as extra protection. The biggest difference between retail cage products is the size and shape of the steel.

Some of the most common and popular cage models are the CCM FM580, Bauer Re-akt and CCM Resistance. Ice Hockey Cage is also available in white, black or chrome depending on the player's preference.

What are the styles of Ice Hockey Visor?

Ice Hockey Visors are all made of the same or similar materials, and the difference in protection is mainly based on size. For obvious reasons, the larger goggles will help protect most of the face when it's properly attached to the helmet.

Some Ice Hockey Visors, such as the sporty ones, offer options such as where the helmet meets the goggles, a "cut out" area at the temple, etc. Care should be taken to ensure such unusual designs are legal under the governing body. Some of these goggles may find themselves out of the rules. Other than that, the big difference is whether the visor is attached to the forehead or just the temple.

The three-point Ice Hockey Visor, is a more stable attachment that doesn't "flip" as some NHL players are known to, and doesn't move as much. However, the extra hardware above the brows often makes them less conducive to ventilation and fogs the visor. Some of the goggles are tinted, which is good for players who may be light sensitive or like Alexander Ovechkin, who thinks his "smoky" goggles help hide where he's looking, he thinks Some goalies use it to help predict where the light will go for the puck.

The combined Ice Hockey Visor allows for replacement or closing if the visor section is excessively scratched or becomes difficult to see. Combination Ice Hockey Visor One is all plastic, including chin protection, and the other is a lower part made of a typical steel cage attached to a polycarbonate face shield.

What material is Ice Hockey Visor made of?

Ice Hockey Visor is constructed with distortion-free optics/high impact polycarbonate material.

The Ice Hockey Visor is available with clear or tinted side slots and is the perfect helmet-mounted style. Ice Hockey Visor is made of 100% PC polycarbonate material.

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