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How can we use the Ice Hockey Visors?

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The eyes are the most sensitive photoreceptors of the human body, so in order to protect the eyes, it is best to wear a professional Ice Hockey Visor when skiing/skating. It can not only prevent ultraviolet rays from burning the eyes, but also prevent the cold wind from irritating the eyes.

  • How to maintain Ice Hockey Visor and Ice Hockey Cage for extended life?

  • Why should we use Ice Hockey Visor?

  • What are the material characteristics of Ice Hockey Visors?

How to maintain Ice Hockey Visor and Ice Hockey Cage for extended life?

Ice Hockey Cage and Ice Hockey Visor Maintenance

Ice Hockey Cage is very low maintenance, just take it out of the bag to dry to prevent rust and corrosion. Attachment screws and snaps should be checked for corrosion every few months. Screws are also prone to loosening or falling off over time. It is recommended to check the screws every once in a while to make sure they are tight.

Ice Hockey Visor requires frequent cleaning. There are many Ice Hockey Visors that require cleaning, wiping and polishing of goggles, polishes do a better job of keeping clear, clean goggles and are highly recommended by players and referees of many levels.

Ice Hockey Visor and combo users are also strongly advised to wrap their helmets in a helmet pocket to prevent the Ice Hockey Visor from scratching random items in the pocket while moving. A pillowcase or tied tee will do the job well.

Why should we use Ice Hockey Visor?

Due to player carelessness and the unpredictability of puck, face protection with a cage and full Ice Hockey Visor is highly recommended for all players. It is important to note that USA Hockey insurance claims cannot be made for mouth or face injuries to players who were injured while not wearing the Ice Hockey Cage. However, if you feel that you have the confidence and awareness to wear a face covering, or you are a referee and have been banned from wearing an Ice Hockey Cage, then it is highly recommended that you wear an Ice Hockey Visor anyway.

In very painful surgery and difficult to recover, your teeth can be replaced, as can a broken jaw or cheekbone. But if a puck hits you in the eye, it could be gone forever. Marc Staal, for example, smashed the puck straight in the eye last March while barely wearing the Ice Hockey Visor. Starr has been forced to miss the rest of the season, with fears over whether his career is over.

What are the material characteristics of Ice Hockey Visors?

Material: PC

Function: 0 outside anti-scratch inside anti-fog including


Size: 0ne size fits most hockey helmets


Optically excellent distortion free 1 ens/high impact polycarbonate.

Clear or tinted side grooves for optimal fit to the helmet / 100% polycarbonate.

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