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GY's First 3D Lattice Printing Ice Hockey Helmet

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GY's First 3D Lattice Printing Ice Hockey Helmet

In 2010, GY developed GY-PH9000 series ice hockey helmet. Thirteen years later, in 2023 we are happy to announce that our brand-new GY-PH9000D series ice hockey helmet will launch in November 2023. Made of D3O protective material, the inner lining of this series of ice hockey helmets is made using state-of-the-art 3D lattice printing technology, which is extremely protective, breathable, and comfortable.

Selling points:

  • Comfortable

The liner provides a perfect fit for wearer’s head and brings premium comfort.

  • Breathable

The honeycombed liner offers superior breathability by allowing maximum airflow to keep your head cool.

  • Lightweight

Lattice design can significantly reduce the amount of material used by removing most of the material in non-critical areas to achieve weight savings.

  • Shock absorption and impact protection

3D printed lattice with variable densities helps distribute all types of impacts in key areas for an elite level of protection.

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