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Floorball and floorball goalkeeper helmets

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Floorball and floorball goalkeeper helmets

Floor hockey is very entertaining and interesting. The number of participants is large, teamwork is emphasized, and there are no restrictions on location, age, or gender. It has high security and is easy to learn. It's the new look, vibrant, full of energy, happy, and lighthearted. Its equipment costs are low, and players only need ordinary sportswear, sports shoes, and one ball and one stroke to participate in this sport. But for the goalkeeper's safety, the goalkeeper needs to wear Floorball Goalie Helmet

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  • What is Floorball?

  • Check out our lightweight and versatile Floorball Goalie Helmet

What is Floorball?

Floorball, also known as floor hockey, originated in Minnesota, USA in the 1950s. Because of its similarity to hockey, it was called floor hockey in the early days and then spread to Sweden and Finland. After continuous improvement, a mature sports model has been formed. It can also be said that this new game originated all over the world because people have been engaged in similar sports since the 19th century. For example, floorball in North America and the UK evolved from ice hockey, while in Australia it evolved from field hockey to indoor ice hockey.

Floorball is an indoor team ball game played on a field similar to a handball court or futsal. The game is very similar to ice hockey and field hockey. The main purpose of the game is to control the ball with the stick and hit it into the opponent's goal to score. It is a team sport that combines collective strength, mental strength, motor skills, game understanding, teamwork, and communication skills. Field hockey players other than goaltenders are not required to wear protective gear. The player's club is very light, and the ball is also hollowed out, weighing about 23 grams. Floor hockey rules govern the safety of the game, allowing only shoulder-to-shoulder collisions. But the goalie wears the Floorball Goalie Helmet.

Check out our lightweight and versatile Floorball Goalie Helmet

This Floorball Goalie Helmet is ideal for professional players and casual players alike. The ABS shell and EVA foam lining give you excellent protection and comfort. A carbon steel cage with an irregular-pattern cat-eye design grille maximizes visibility. With its extensive top and side ventilation system, the mask is ventilated and lightweight. This lightweight Floorball Goalie Helmet allows you to move your head quickly for the perfect view of the game. The elastic rubber strap and adjustable buckle ensure that the mask stays securely and comfortably on the head even during strenuous exercise. The mask is adjustable to fit different head shapes perfectly. We also offer custom water transfer decals.

Today's Floorball Goalie Helmet standards are also becoming more and more internationally uniform. Our company focuses on first-class quality and produces products of high quality and low price with guaranteed quality. If you need to buy Floorball Goalie Helmet, you can try our company's products. Our company website is https://www.gysports.com/. We look forward to your visit, we will provide you with good products and quality service to ensure your shopping experience! Thank you for reading.





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