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Floorball Goalie Helmet Sizes and Important Factors Affecting Comfort

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Floorball Goalie Helmet Sizes and Important Factors Affecting Comfort

Floorball goalie gear can go a long way toward your performance. Equipment selection, dressing, and maintenance are important parts of a goalkeeper's life. Unlike other players who just need the right club and shoes, a goalie has to have more. That's why choosing the right Floorball Goalie Helmet is so important.

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  • How to choose the size of the Floorball Goalie Helmet?

  • Another critical factor affecting comfort

How to choose the size of the Floorball Goalie Helmet?

There are two important aspects in choosing the Floorball Goalie Helmet: comfort and good visibility. First, let's focus on comfort. Only the right-size Floorball Goalie Helmet can give you the comfort you need. Therefore, your first concern should be the correct size of the mask.

By default, manufacturers classify goalkeeper masks based on the maximum circumference of your head into:

1. Beginner - Maximum head circumference 52 cm

2. Seniors - full head circumference 58 cm

3. Universal - head circumference up to 58cm

So for the basic selection of helmets, you only need to measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure and you're done.

Another critical factor affecting comfort

In terms of padding, there are only two types of Floorball Goalie Helmet on the market:

1. Helmet with removable liner

2. Helmets without removable liners

Usually, cheap helmets do not have removable liners. You can simply pull out the padding on helmets with removable padding. It's not a problem if you sweat once or twice in the helmet. However, if this happens more often, the helmet will start to stink.

For helmets with removable liners, you can simply pull the liner out and throw it in the washing machine. When the old liner is no longer suitable, you can replace the removable liner with a new one. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with helmets without removable liners, so this is an advantage of removable liners.

99% of the Floorball Goalie Helmets are for you. But how do you make sure your helmet fits your body perfectly? The helmet has five rubber straps attached to the visor, gradually tighten/loosen these rubber straps to fit your size. It's a long process, but it will pay off in the end.

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