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Customized Snowboarding Ski Goggles

Frame Material: Premium TPU (LG brand)
Outer Lens Material: Premium Polycarbonate (PC)
Inner Lens Material​: Anti-fog Italian CA sheet
Face Foam: Triple layer
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 pairs
  • GY-54

OVER THE GLASSES (OTG) Thick Frame Ski/Snowboard Goggles for Adults and Youth

  • EXCELLENT OPTICAL CLARITY: Spherical thick frame designed ski goggles with optimized anti-fog & UV protection treatment for crystal and wide view when skiing and snowboarding.

  • DUAL-LAYER LENS DESIGN: The outer lens is made with premium durable PC material. The optional mirrored or revo coating brings strong anti-scratch, impact resistant and anti-UV performance. The inner lens is made with Italian CA sheet with permanent anti-fog performance. NO fogging up when skiing or snowboarding.

  • PROFESSIONAL VENTILATION: Designed to reduce fogging and optimize the flowing air over the inside of the lens, this ski goggles provide smooth airflow system, which brings fresh air, and exhausts moisture quickly and effectively.

  • OVERSIZED OTG (ABOVE THE GLASSES) DESIGN: With the OTG (above the glasses) design, the ski goggles allow you to wear prescription glasses underneath.

  • HELMET COMPATIBLE & ADJUSTABLE STRAP: Silicone-backed non-slip, high-density wide elastic strap that makes the goggles more compatible with different helmets.

  • FIT FOR MULTIPLE SPORTS: It is perfect for skiing, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, rock climbing, motorcycling/mountain riding, aerial driving, bungee jumping and more.

  • CUSTOMIZATION: Customized lens color, strap and packaging.






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