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Benefits and importance of floorball goalkeeper helmets

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Benefits and importance of floorball goalkeeper helmets

Floorball goalkeepers have a lot of equipment, but always remember to put safety first. The second is comfort and convenience. Putting on the equipment must ensure that the movement is still agile. Generally speaking, the high-priced Floorball Goalie Helmet can guarantee its safety, comfort, and convenience.

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  • The Importance of the Floorball Goalie Helmet

  • Pros of our Floorball Goalie Helmet

  • Choosing the Right Floorball Goalie Helmet

The Importance of the Floorball Goalie Helmet

Goalkeepers must wear helmets and the helmets must be certified by the International Lacrosse Federation.

An important reason why goalkeepers must wear a special Floorball Goalie Helmet is that it can provide safety protection for the goalkeeper's face when the goalkeeper is hit by the racket head, club, or even the ball.

The dedicated Floorball Goalie Helmet is lighter than other helmets, easier to wear, and has a broader field of vision. This allows the goalkeeper to participate in the defense more calmly and make various defensive actions.

Two common head injuries in floorball are trauma and concussion. Floorball players worldwide are required to wear helmets, and most countries require youth, children, and non-professional adult athletes to wear helmets and full-face masks while training for games.

A helmet should be of the right size, plus a face shield and goggles. Shields and glasses are not harmful to the eyes. Protect your face well, and head trauma during sports can be avoided.

Pros of our Floorball Goalie Helmet

1. High-end carbon fiber shell.

2. Special cat eye design cage to improve visibility.

3.12 vents to ensure good ventilation.

4. The elastic rubber strap and adjustable buckle make it easily adjustable to fit the shape of different goalkeepers' heads and fasten tightly and comfortably..

5. Customized water transfer decals.

Choosing the Right Floorball Goalie Helmet

1. Appropriate size: When choosing the Floorball Goalie Helmet, be sure to choose the size that suits you, and the helmet should fit closely to the head.

2. High Ventilation: There are enough vents on the high ventilation helmet, which can bring in cold air and exhaust hot air and moisture.

3. Good workmanship: whether there are particles or scratches on the bright surface of the shell, whether the water sticker pattern is complete, and whether there is any problem with the adhesion of the paint.

4. Lightweight: try to choose lightweight without sacrificing the strength of the helmet.

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